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Here They Are: All-Navy Dragon Boat Champs

Dixie (AD 14) rowed to victory in the annual Dragon Boat Festival races on the River of Love in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The article went on to say it was the second time a Navy crew had entered the race. The first was a crew from Headquarters Support Activity Detachment Five.

Caliente (AO 53) entered a team and won the race in June 1958.

Caliente was to be in port for three weeks as station ship, he thought it would be a good idea for the U. S. Navy to be represented. The word from local officials was that no Americans had ever competed in the race before.

At last, the captain dropped a hint that special liberty might be arranged for volunteers. Also, if restricted men would join the team (and the team won), it was very probable that all restrictions would be canceled. We had a dragon team!

After only two practice sessions, the big day arrived. With the captain's promise of liberty ringing in their ears, they were off. Our crew was an unusually husky lot so nobody was much surprised when we came in about four boat lengths ahead of our closest competitor.

The winning crew went on liberty and the ship got a beautiful flag from the race officials which, for all I know, is still hanging in the ship's mess deck.

COMSERVPAC even went so far as to make up a special rating badge for "Dragon Boat Crewmen."

Please don't misunderstand me. I heartily congratulate HSA Detachment Five and Dixie on their respective victories. However, I want them and the world to know that old Caliente was there ahead of them.-B. A. Buscher, LCDR, SC, USN.

DRAGGING DRAGONS - Twenty-five crewmembers of USS Dixie dig in with paddles during Dragon Boat races.

PAST PERFORMANCE - Navymen of Detachment Five, HQ, Support Activity, Kaohsiung, await awards in 1965.

trOPHY TIME - Member of Detachment Five rowing team accepts winners' trophy from Mayor of Kaohsiung.


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