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To qualify for Membership, you can have been in Task Force 116 or in support of Task Force 116, River Patrol Force, in Vietnam, or in or in support of Riverine Operations as a SWCC or Riverine Operator in any operation subsequent to Vietnam. If you have left the military service a copy of your DD214, or sponsorship by an active member of the Gamewardens Association is required.

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DECORATIONS RECEIVED: (check all that apply)
Navy Cross Purple Heart Silver Star Bronze Star Combat Action
PUC NUC MUC NatDef VietCampagn
Civic Action Cross of Galantry Other:  
MEMBERSHIP ACTION (check desired)
Life $200 Life Plus $225 (includes $25 donation) Bi-Annual $50/2 years (must renew every 2 years) Associate - $15/year (must renew annually)

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You can call our toll-free number 1-866-220-7477. Welcome Aboard ! !