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USMC running River Patrol Operations in Iraq

From email between Larry Bissonnette and Gunnery Sergeant Brian A. Vinciguerra USMC on December 23rd, 2004:

Mr. Bissonnette,
I would like to inform you that my unit Small Craft Company (-), Headquarters Battalion, 2d Marine Division, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, Operation Iraqi Freedom II has adopted the call sign "Game Warden" in deference to the accomplishments and achievements of TF116. We are immensely proud to conduct many of the same types of missions that you and your fellow sailors conducted during the Vietnam War.

I am the Platoon sergeant for 4th Platoon. I am in charge of and serve beside some of the finest Marines that serve today. Attached are some photos of the boats that we pilot on the Euphrates river here in Iraq.

Gunnery Sergeant Brian A. Vinciguerra USMC

(click for close-up)


Hi Brian,
What an Honor you have bestowed upon us!! Thank you! I will post the pictures with your email onto the Gamewardens of Vietnam website http://www.tf116.org/ for all to see. The pictures are still attached so that the Cc addressees can see them also.

Where are your headquarters and how do I maintain contact with you guys? Do you have a website that I can post to our Links Gallery? I have your email address but it isn't a military email.

Our Tactical Operation Center call sign in the Rung Sat Special Zone of Vietnam was "Moon River".

I would appreciate you guys keeping in touch with me or our President, John Woody, so that you can participate with us in one of our upcoming events. We are going to dedicate the Viatnam Unit Memorial Monument and Small Boat Display at the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California on May 21, 2005 and the next National Gamewardens Reunion will be in Denver, Colorado in August of 2006.

It would be our honor to have some of you guys in attendance there.

Thank you again!!!! Semper Fi!!!
Larry Bissonnette Former CO River Division 593

Mr. Bissonnette,
My Headquarters is currently located at Camp Taqqadam, Iraq. 4th Platoon (my Platoon) is currently located at Haditha Dam, Iraq. Our 3rd Platoon is in both places for now and will soon regroup for future operations at Camp Taqqadam. Our Web site is http://smallcraft.tripod.com.

Our Company Commander is Captain Dan Wittnam and our 1st Sergeant is Master Sergeant Robert Hogan. We will be returning a short while before your event in May and I will make a sincere attempt to make an appearance at your event. I look forward to fostering a great friendship between the past and present of Riverine Operations in the Military. Although our future is in great jeopardy because we are soon to be disbanded upon our return to the United States. This for now is the easiest way to maintain contact with me. I do not have a non-secure military email address as yet. I have many more pictures of our endeavors here in Iraq. I have been in the company since its founding in 1991 shortly after the first gulf war.

Gunnery Sergeant Brian A. Vinciguerra USMC


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