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Demitroula A. Wolfe

Univ. of FL, Gainesville   

Kyle S. Morgan

VA Tech   

James T. Coogle


Cortney Morgan

 Herb StephanRD-593

Hannah Burley

 Lt. Larry BissonettRD-593
2012 Sarah BurleyW. Wash. Univ Lt. Larry BissonettRD-593
" Mathew JenkinsU. of VAVaughn Shuler
" William RichardsOld Dominion U.Gary MarkerVAL-4
" Kathleen RichardsOld Dominion U.Gary MarkerVAL-4
2003 Emily Justice

Wright State Univ.

Averille Justice VAL-4
1999 Gary D. Grassi, JrVa. TechGary D. GrassiNSA
Dong Ha
1990 Christina McKenna E4 James F. McKenna554
" Beverly C. Langevin CTR2 Robert R. LangevinNSA
1994 Eric CooperUniv of MarylandClarence CooperRD-511
1990 Dawn M. EllisCapt Sabine Award
GMCS Alvin K. EllisRivSec 511
1990 Christina McKennaE4 James F. McKennaRivDiv 554
" Beverly C. Langevin CTR2 Robert R. LangevinNSA Phu Bai
" Catherine SternfelsLTjg Robert B. SternfelsHCU-1
1989 Jason Sullivan BMCM William A. SullivanPCF-70
" Louis V. Pinkham MR1 Louis PinkhamUSS HUNTERTON CO,
" Christina McKenna E4 James F. McKennaRD-554
1988 Linh P. Barclay OS1 Jon BarclayNAVFORV
" Robert Sternfels LTJG Robert B. SternfelsHCU-1
" Stephanie Willett LT John W. WillettHAL-3
" Timothy Benish LT Roger W. BenishHAL-3
1987 Linh P. BarclayOS1 Jon BarclayNAVFORV
" Erin P. Keenan CAPT Richard KeenanHAL-3
" Frank McIlveen BM1 William H. McIlveen


" Jodi Longobaroo Vincent J. Longobaroo513/515
" Erin M. Laipply LCDR Charles T. Laipply521
" Michaele Mixner CDR Frank L. MixnerHAL-3
1986 Lance A. HaydenRMCM Thomas E. Hayden511
" John C. Darrohn GMCS Jack M. Fogel131/132 151/152
" Edward B. Rozier AOCS W.B. Rozier543/521
" Linh P. Barclay OS1 Jon BarclayNAVFORV
" Gregory J. Ullrich CDR James M. UllrichNSAD
Ben Luc
1982 Yvonne D. ManessN.C. State 
1979 Mike Languell N.C. StateRet. Cmdr. Fred Longuell  
1977 Lisa Harrelson J.T. Harrelson MST-4

Update 2001 - My son Mike received what I think was one of the very early scolarship awards in 1979. He has gone on to graduate from NCSU, University of Tenn Space Institute and finally receiving his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tenn. I feel it was an award that was not wasted.
Fred Languell


SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT - Eric Cooper - " I was fortunate enough to be a recipient of a Gamewardens of Vietnam scholarship back in 1994. I was extremely grateful for being chosen, and the scholarship helped take care of my senior year expenses at the University of Maryland. I completed my B.A. in Technology and Management in December of 1994, and then spent the next year or so getting humbled in the job market. After a few different jobs - some successful, some not - I finally began working as a contractor in the Analysis and Reporting section at the Joint Training, Analysis and Simulation Center in Suffolk, VA in early 1996. This facility supported large-scale military exercises via modeling and simulations. After fourteen months there I relocated up to northern Virginia, where I began working for Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc., supporting missile defense for the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO). I have been with the firm for just over four years, and I'm currently working for program management on the National Missile Defense program under BMDO.

In March of this year I completed my M.S. degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. While in northern Virginia I met my wonderful wife Bridget, and we were married in Barbados in January 1999. We just celebrated the birth of our first child - Jessica - one month ago, and I am very much looking forward to spending quality time with our precious gift.

I always loved attending the Gamewarden reunions each summer at Little Creek Amphibious base in Tidewater VA. Not only was there plenty of good food and drink, but I got to crawl on and ride on Pbrs. And many of the Vietnam veterans made me feel very comfortable, despite my "little person" status. My father and mother, Clarence and Evelyn Cooper, both volunteered many hours for your fine organization, which only made the honor of receiving a Gamewarden scholarship that much more special. Now that I have an opportunity to give something back, Bridget and I will be making a small donation to your scholarship fund to help continue the wonderful work your group does each year.

Thank you for showing confidence in me, and God bless."
Eric Cooper

1/20/2010 - Kingman Daily Miner
Kingman grad honored as Hero at bowl game
KINGMAN - Virginia Tech honored a local solider as Hokie Hero during December's Chick-fil-a Bowl at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Capt. Gary Grassi, Jr., a 1999 graduate of Kingman High School and a 2003 graduate of Virginia Tech, was one of two soldiers honored at the game.