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Ode to A. Billy Rat; A Great Hero From the Past


Last year I finally met Billy the Rat
a real go getter who was champion bred
This is the story I heard long ago
from a dancing girl in old Can Tho
She told me that PBR Jack
a friend of hers told her that
while she was sipping tea a decade back

It seems that Billy had no name
until he one time saved the day
A PBR was low on fuel
so they put their boat next to a mango grove
a VC was watching them from the bank
with evil thoughts in his head
just as he was pointing his gun
they heard a scream from the swamp
The PBR crew with weapons ready
blew the shit out of this VC fellow

An ordinary rat came to the boat
looking for a snack or perhaps some food
The Boat Captain laughed so loud
when he realized there was black cloth in the rats mouth
A closer look at the dead VC
proved that the rat had saved the day
the cloth in the rats mouth was proof for sure
that the rat bit the VC in the ass with great delight

The boat crew took the rat onboard
and fed him properly evermore
they placed some ribbons on his chest
and named him William the Great Rat
and made him official mascot for heroes of the past
Since William attended many functions
he got tired of being confused for William the Conqueror
so he stated that all Gamewardens of Vietnam
who are paid in full can call him Billy Rat for short

Written and Submitted by Gary Marker, Mid-Atlantic Chapter.