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Hold me mate, please hold me,
I'm not sure what's going on.
I know that I've been hit mate,
but the pain is almost gone.

Can't see the sun shining thru the trees
but it's the middle of the day.
The light seems to come and go mate,
and then it fades away.

Can't hear the wind blowing thru the bush,
or feel it on my face.
I could hear the wind a while ago
and it cooled this stinking place.

Can't feel you hanging onto me,
don't leave me all alone.
Tell me everything's okay mate
and soon I'll be going home.

Remember back at the base mate,
when the sergeant used to shout?
He spoke no more,
but I knew what he meant,
Lights out
Lights out
Lights out

©Copyright 2001 by Ned Falconer